Pete Tong DJ Academy Limited* offers you the opportunity to pay for your course subscription by setting up a monthly payment from your credit card. We accept either Visa or Mastercard for this service.

After selecting the subscription type and length of service, the first payment will be processed securely by entering your credit card information into the Stripe interface.

You will receive immediate confirmation of the first payment via a summary of the purchase made in addition to the receipt of the transaction via email.

The Merchant will not retain your credit card details and personal data will be protected by the Merchant under commitment undertaken by the latter at the time of the aforementioned purchase.

The subsequent monthly charges to your credit card will continue until the expiry of the payment extension granted by the Merchant. You will be automatically sent to the Payment Services Manager the software application which consists of an interface support with the Payment Gateway which simplifies and automates the aforementioned monthly credit card charges, while the payment service via your credit card will be managed securely exclusively by the Visa and Mastercard circuits.

Important Information:
  • Charges following the first transaction will be transmitted on a monthly basis as per the installment plan agreement with The Merchant, regardless of the first payment date directly processed by you.
  • The charges subsequent to the first transaction will be the same amount and will be arranged exclusively for the requested length of the subscription and charges will occur once a month.
  • The Merchant cannot under any circumstances change the amount of charges following the first transaction.
  • You will be able to verify the payments via your monthly statement which will be sent to you by the credit card provider.


Enrollment fees paid in installments are non-refundable, and once initiated, installment payments cannot be halted or stopped

As a consumer pursuant to Legislative Decree 6.9.2005, n. 206 (Consumer Code), you will have the right to exercise all the rights provided for by this legislation.

For acknowledgment

*Pete Tong DJ Academy Limited. Address: Northgate House, Devizes, Wiltshire SN10 1JX, United Kingdom.

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