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Future Talent Awards 2024 Gran Prix Winners

Highlighting the Winners

We’re thrilled to share that the Future Talent Awards 2024 recognized outstanding our two students.

Winners included Alev Tav from Ukraine and Fr3ady from Germany, both delivering unforgettable performances.

Global Talent Recognition

They were selected during an important Masterclass at the International Music Summit (IMS), which featured a large audience and included Pete Tong, Tsha, Nicole Moudaber, and Adam Beyer.

Supported by industry giants like Pioneer DJ, Beatport, and Defected, this initiative provides full access to our academy and talent pool opportunities.

External merits

Alev Tav


Rooftop Tapes Success: Fr3ady recently released an electrifying DJ set as part of his Rooftop Tapes series, which took place at the iconic A'DAM Tower in Amsterdam. This event showcased his ability to blend minimal dance music with stunning visuals, captivating the audience.

What are Future Talent Awards?

The Future Talent Awards, aim to discover and promote our DJ students.


1️⃣ Spotlighting talented DJs: identifying and promoting new talent.

2️⃣ Encouraging creativity: supporting innovative and original music.

3️⃣ Providing opportunities: offering exposure and professional growth.

For detailed information, visit Pete Tong DJ Academy Talent Pool.

Student Activities

Beatport x Pete Tong DJ Academy 2024 Future Talent Winner

SVETTI’s journey

Svetti, a DJ, producer, and vocalist from Los Angeles, began her musical journey at the age of three as the daughter of a choir director.

Her passion and dedication to music have culminated in this significant recognition, the result of years of hard work and innovation.

At the IMS, she received praise from legends like Adam Beyer and TSHA (Pete Tong DJ Academy’s teacher), cementing her place as one of the brightest talents in the electronic music scene.

Student Activities

Our Student as Opening DJ at Pete Tong Ibiza Classics

An iconic event

Get ready for an unforgettable night as Pete Tong Ibiza Classics returns to the stunning Englefield House on July 20th, 2024.

This event features special guests The Grid, reuniting after 20 years, and Groove Armada performing a legendary DJ set.

The party kicks off at 1 PM with a set from a rising DJ from the Pete Tong DJ Academy!


Introducing PHARMA D

We’re excited to announce that Pharma D, an Italian talented student from the Pete Tong DJ Academy, has been selected to perform at Ibiza Classics as opening DJ.

Known for his energetic and innovative sets, Pharma D has been making waves in the electronic music scene.

Student Activities

Future Talent Awards Grand Prix Winner 2023

Last year, we introduced the Future Talent Awards to recognize exceptional artists from the academy. Ten students were selected to play gigs around the world with their mentors and receive career-building support. The ultimate winner, Constanza from Argentina, became the PTDJA Future Talent and played at the prestigious IMS event in Ibiza.

Overall winner of the Future Talent award – Costanza
“When I first saw the call to participate in the Future Talent Awards on Instagram, I knew it would be a great opportunity for me. Although I already took a DJ course a few years ago in Argentina, I chose to do the full PTDJA course to refresh my knowledge. In the first chapters I was able to reaffirm what I already knew. Then, in the advanced part of the course — I have to highlight the experiences and advice the teachers shared, as you know they are some of the most experienced DJs in the industry — they talk about topics that are not often touched on and what I consider very important for future DJs.

“I think in this sense the course is so invaluable, as they are not only educating future DJs technically, but also trying to train you in the correct way to conduct yourself professionally with good values. With that I focused on doing my best to be one of the finalists. I felt I was in a great moment and that is why I was very confident in myself, but then when I received the email notifying me that I had been chosen as the Grand Prix Winner, I actually couldn’t believe it. There was such great emotion. That memory is still fresh in my mind, and you know every time I think about it, I get goosebumps.

“Undoubtedly this is one of the greatest achievements in my career as a DJ, and in my life to date. I was chosen by Pete, Nicole and Carl, and the truth is I did not think I would be chosen by all of them — that brings me an immense amount of joy. It really is a difficult sensation to express in words. To be honest, I am still in shock because of what happened and what is going to happen.”

Congratulations to all the Future Talent Award winners for their outstanding achievements!

Student Activities

Future Talent Awards 2023 finalists

Last year, we introduced the Future Talent Awards to recognize exceptional artists from the academy. Ten students were selected to play gigs around the world with their mentors and receive career-building support. The ultimate winner, Constanza from Argentina, became the PTDJA Future Talent and played at the prestigious IMS event in Ibiza.

Dahien from Poland and Liz Somes from Seattle also impressed the judges and earned mentorship from Adam Beyer and Sama’ Abdulhadi. In addition to the top three, seven other finalists were recognized for their talents.

“Going through this process gave me even more faith and confidence in myself, in what I was doing and that I was going in the right direction with the desire to pursue doing what I love in life (music) as a professional DJ. The decision to participate in the Future Talent Awards was a spontaneous decision. At the time I did not think of it as the ‘ultimate chance’ and that I would win something — I saw it rather as an interesting adventure — but I was aware that it was being judged by professionals and it was their opinion that I cared most about.”

“I knew that my work as a DJ would be judged on merit, and not as a specialist in social media and how many ‘Likes’ I have. One of my friends DJ Siasia once told me, ‘Learn not to be just another music player but a DJ’, and in PTDJA this is what you learn, exactly that — how to become a professional DJ and what it means. Then to be picked by Adam (Beyer) as his choice and one of the 10 winners, it’s hard to describe the feelings in words. I was bursting with energy.”

Liz Somes
“Honestly when I entered, I didn’t think I would win. I thought I had a shot, but once I hit enter on the form, it was out of my hands, and I forgot about it until I got the first email back months later. When I found out I had won, I cried, it was very emotional. To be chosen for this award by some of the best DJs in the world, I still pinch myself. It has already opened doors that were otherwise closed.”

“I can’t tell you how many times I have heard that people have said I have been ‘slept on’. If getting this award opens people’s eyes to the story I have to tell musically, I am for it, and all in. It also gives me a platform to represent women in the industry, to have those other conversations about ageism and tokenism, quite frankly, which have already started and have been wonderful and very positive. But most of all, I love being an inspiration to others and hope I can continue being that, just like others have inspired me. When you are an artist, you don’t have a choice to pursue something, you are driven… it is a part of you.”

The other finalists
Deefo – NUANS – Cozmic Cat – Mista Mani – 2 nomads – Daniella Font – Fivequestionmarks

Congratulations to all the Future Talent Award winners for their outstanding achievements!

Student Activities

Future Talent Awards Summer Tour 2023

Are you ready to immerse yourself in the vibrant beats and electrifying atmosphere of Ibiza’s renowned music scene? Look no further than the Future Talent Award (FTA) Ibiza Sessions, currently taking place at the iconic Destino Pacha Ibiza, where sun-kissed beaches and thrilling tunes come together for an unforgettable summer experience. 🏖️⛱️

As we hit the midpoint of this summer extravaganza, prepare to be blown away by the talent and passion of five exceptional FTA Winners, gracing the stage at one of Ibiza’s finest venues. Each event promises a unique blend of music, ambiance, and energy that will keep you dancing the night away. So mark your calendars for these not-to-be-missed dates:

1. Deefo – 30th June
2. Cozmic Cat – 29th July
3. Dahein – 3rd August
4. 2nomads – 7th August
5. NUANS – 12th October

The Future Talent Award Ibiza Sessions provide the perfect opportunity to embrace the essence of Ibiza’s legendary music culture. From sunrise to sunset, immerse yourself in the world of music and dance, surrounded by the breathtaking beauty of Ibiza’s landscape.

Don’t miss your chance to witness these exceptional FTA Winners as they showcase their extraordinary skills and passion for music. Whether you’re an avid music lover, a dedicated dancer, or simply seeking a memorable experience, the FTA Ibiza Sessions have something special in store for you.

So, what are you waiting for? Join us at Destino Pacha Ibiza for the Future Talent Award Ibiza Sessions and let the music take you on a journey like no other. See you on the dance floor! 🎵🕺💃

Student Activities

PTDJA Apple Music DJ Mixes June 2023

Are you a passionate aspiring DJ looking for a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to gain exposure and recognition within the music industry? Pete Tong’s DJ Academy is thrilled to present its exclusive Talent Pool opportunity, where every month, the finest students will have a chance to be featured on Apple Music alongside the biggest names in the business, handpicked by the legendary Pete Tong himself. This is an unparalleled chance to share your DJ mix with new listeners, grow your fanbase, and propel your DJ career to new heights on a global streaming platform.

1. Record Your Best Mix: At PTDJA, we believe that talent deserves recognition, and that’s why our teachers carefully select the best DJ mixes from our students every month. This means your hard work and creativity will be acknowledged and rewarded with a spotlight on Apple Music, exposing your mix to a vast and diverse audience of music enthusiasts worldwide.

2. Grow Your Fanbase: Imagine your mix featured on our exclusive Curator Page on Apple Music, where new listeners will be able to discover and appreciate your unique style and talent. This dedicated platform serves as a springboard to grow your fanbase, connecting you with audiences who resonate with your music and paving the way for potential collaborations and networking opportunities in the industry.

3. Take Off Your DJ Career: By sending your best mixes as a Pro to our Talent Pool, you open doors to endless possibilities in your DJ career. Being featured alongside professional DJs on a global streaming platform like Apple Music not only elevates your profile but also provides you with invaluable experience and exposure that can propel your career to new heights.

Don’t miss out on this extraordinary opportunity to be a part of the PTDJA Talent Pool on Apple Music. Join our academy and let your creativity and talent shine as you take your DJ career to new heights. Share your mix with new listeners, be featured among the biggest names in dance music, and witness your fanbase grow like never before. Embrace the chance to be mentored by industry professionals and get a step closer to your dream of becoming a renowned DJ in the music world.


Dj Tips & Tricks Djing Mixing Student Activities

Mix in Key & the Camelot wheel

What does it mean to mix in a harmonic key? What does it mean for a DJ to make passages with songs in different keys? How can the Camelot wheel help?


  • Premise
  • What it means to mix in key
  • How to identify the key in a track
  • The Camelot Wheel
  • The effects of an in-key mix and the different ways of passing from one key to another
  • Conclusions


The basic premise when it comes to mixing in key is that: IT IS NOT STRICTLY NECESSARY TO MIX ALL THE TRACKS IN KEY.

Although a DJ set in key is often synonymous with a high-quality mixed sequence, it is not an essential condition for the success of a DJ set.

In fact, very often it is not necessary to mix two tracks ’in key’ for a change to be of good quality and ’aesthetically pleasing’. Rather, it is essential for DJs to ask themselves the question: is it better to choose the next track according to the logic of harmonic compatibility, or to put on the right track for the dance floor?

What it means to mix in key

Mixing in key simply means composing a sequence mixed between tracks in ’compatible’ harmonic keys, following the rule of the Circle of Fifths.

How to identify the key of a track

To date, various tools are available for identifying the harmonic key of a track: from specialised software (such as Mixed In Key), to the functions offered by mixing software such as the analysis of tracks offered by Rekordbox, Serato or Traktor, or even the latest generation modular CDJs that have this analysis function integrated into their firmware.

The Camelot Wheel

The Camelot Wheel is an ingenious way to learn or review the rule of the circle of fifths, in a simple and intuitive way.

The Camelot wheel is divided into:

LETTERS: letters distinguish between major (B) and minor (A), arranged in two rings.

NUMBERS: each number is accompanied by the respective letter, in segments around the ring.

COLOURS: to help the user to distinguish the ‘compatible keys’ at a glance

How do you read a Camelot Wheel? Once we know the combination of NUMBER and LETTER, we can then move on to the Camelot Wheel. Let’s assume that we have our track in 9A, we can move on the same letter A (therefore always in the ring of minor keys) but moving higher and lower than the previous one. So, from 9A you can go to 8A and 10A. Furthermore, you can move from the minor A key to the major B key without altering the number. So, from 9A we can go to 9B.

The effects of an in-key mix

Below we briefly explain what it means to mix in key, and what impact this type of mixing has on the listener:

  • Mix in the same key: if the tracks are perfectly compatible it will seem as if the tracks are a single composition.
  • Mix by raising the key by one point: the tracks remain in harmony. The effect on the track is to increase the energy, as in a crescendo.
  • Mix by decreasing the key by one point: the tracks remain in harmony; the track will not have the sensation of a crescendo but the change will be perceived by the dance floor.
  • Scale change from minor to major (e.g., From 7A> 7B – D min.> F Maj): this is a type of harmonic mixing where the change of energy and mood for the track will be self-evident.
  • Change of note but in the same ring: changing key in the same ring (I.e., remaining in major or minor) is always a “clean” change and also in this case the change of mood will be perceived by your listeners. 
  • Move 3 notes anti-clockwise on the same ring: this change will be pleasant and will give a good increase of energy on the track (e.g., 12B> 9B – E Maj> G Maj) 
  • Modulation Mixing: moving to the opposite side of the ring by increasing 7 steps on the Camelot wheel. This type of transition is suitable if you perform on outro or intro that does not contain melodic elements (such as basses, pads, leads) but which only have rhythmic parts with drums and possibly percussion. This mix will give an increase in energy to the track.
  • Energy Boost Mixing – moving two steps clockwise on the same ring (e.g., 6A> 8A – G Min> A Min): this type of transition will give the kind of tension to the crowd known as: “Hands in the air” 
  • Changing ring, also increasing or decreasing by a note (5B> 4A – E-Flat Maj> F min): this is the best method to go from a major to a minor key and vice versa. 


To conclude, it is not always necessary to make changes between songs in compatible keys, but it is an interesting exercise, as well as an excellent tip for being able to make dynamic changes during a DJ set.

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