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3 Useful DJ Tips from The Pete Tong DJ academy

Push your DJ skills with these 3 useful dj tips for a perfect mix.

Protect your hearing! 

Wear earplugs and choose headphones with comfortable and large ear cups in order to isolate you from the monitors and avoid ear damage due to excessive volume. 

During a mix you can flip constantly between CUE and MASTER channels in your headphone channel.

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Earplugs devices

Check your setup before start to play/LED indicator

It’s important to check the console or your setup (or both!) before you start to play. Check the knobs (turn all knobs to the middle), check the fader volumes (in order to avoid errors while you’re listening the cue deck preview) and ask the sound engineer if the CDJs are connected via ethernet.

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Mix in key and the Camelot wheel. How to use them and when

Keep an eye on the key of your track and remember the Camelot Wheel colours; it’s important to mix tracks with a compatible key. The numbers represent the key and the letters represent minor (A) and major (B). The Camelot Wheel is based on the circle of fifths. Modular new generation consoles and many apps (such as Rekordbox, Serato, etc.) can scan and analyse the key and the BPM of your tracks, so you don’t need a third application but remember: the accuracy of these analyses is not 100%.

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